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Premium Greek Cakes and Desserts (or Our Story)

As Greeks and Grecophiles, we have lived, visited and holidayed across Greece and its islands. We asked ourselves:

“What have the Greeks ever done for us?”

Well, apart from;

  • inventing democracy
  • its philosophers and
  • mathematicians
  • its art
  • architecture and
  • culture, it has also brought us the


The Zaharoplasteion (or ZP for short) is the popular patisserie found in every community in Greece, selling a variety of exquisite sweets and desserts. The ZP offers a vast range of ambient, chilled and frozen patisserie and ices to grace any special occasion, to satisfy an indulgent pang and to provide an everyday treat.

MELI has replicated and adapted the traditional ZP for the UK market. Our aim is to offer you mouth-watering, top quality desserts and pastries advancing the boundaries of innovation, but embracing a Greek heritage that has been passed down from one generation to the next over the previous century.

“MELI” is Greek for “honey” and the MELI brand incorporates the ancient symbol of the “Mother Bee” – a cultural icon representing diligence and effort.

Our ambition is to have a number of MELI kiosks in shopping centres across the UK, offering the MELI product range wrapped elegantly to relish as everyday treats, as pastries and desserts to eat with friends and family and to enjoy giving as an exquisitely packaged gift for that special celebration.

MELI’s products are as authentic as we can make them and are manufactured in the UK and in Greece where we have carefully selected, tried and tested suppliers who share a passion with us to make the best possible desserts.

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We are delighted to announce that a new MELI kiosk is opening in the superb Trinity Leeds centre in mid-March 2018

  • Handmade Oven 2000
  • App Free Beverage 2000
  • Handmade Piping 2000
  • Candlelighters