Meli Patisserie

MELI Ingredients and Production Techniques

MELI uses natural ingredients creatively with imagination and passion to create something new, something unique to present the MELI range of artistically crafted contemporary and traditional desserts.

Our intention is to source original and natural raw ingredients of the highest quality as well as being consistent with environmental considerations.

Wherever possible, we substitute sugar with honey and, generally, our recipes are based on a reduced-sugar content.

Products with Eastern roots, are made using filo pastry, fine string dough, nuts, seeds, spices, honey, milk and citrus/sweet fruits.

The European products use chocolate, cream, pralines, mousses, custards, ganaches and pastry mixes.

Products popular during fasting periods use semolina and sesame flours rather than the normally-used wheat flours.

The key difference that MELI offers with its cakes is the combination of appearance, texture, taste and quality of each product that we make, source and sell.

The facilities in the manufacturing and retail areas are as energy efficient as possible and adhere to carbon guidelines.

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