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Welcome to Meli Patisserie

We are dedicated to bringing the authenticity and artistry of handcrafted Greek desserts to the UK high street.

Greek patisserie chefs – that we like to call our food heroes – combine award-winning innovation with quality-controlled dessert making techniques. Our mantra is “the product is king”, so our chefs, bakery staff and sales associates embrace a Greek heritage and recipes that have been passed down from one generation to the next over the previous century.

MELI’s products are as authentic as we can make them and are manufactured in the UK by MELI patisserie chefs and in Greece with tried and tested suppliers who share a passion with us to make the best possible desserts. Our dessert making is centralised in locations, each with its own expertise, to maintain quality at a universally high and consistent level, ensuring that each cake, pastry and ice cream we offer you is as good as it gets!

MELI offers you a range of mouth-watering, top quality desserts, pastries and ice creams to relish as everyday treats, to eat with friends and family and to enjoy giving as an exquisitely packaged gift for that special celebration. To complement our cakes and ices, we offer great coffee and a variety of teas.

~ for your pleasure ~

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Traditional Greek Pastries

Traditional Greek Patisserie

Pastries and Desserts

Patisserie and Desserts

Ice Cream Delights

Ice Cream Delights

Bountiful Breakfast

Bountiful Breakfasts

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